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Requirements for Local Artist Spotlight

1. Songs must be professionally produced and fit our daytime music format.

2. Artist must submit lyrics and a bio including contact information.

3. Music must be submitted on a CD format.

4. Artist must reside within or is from the Power 88 listening area.

5. Artist must not have national distribution or be on a major label.

6. Songs must be an original recording.  If performing artist did not write the song, we must have a letter of permission for airplay from the author of the song.

7. Artist needs a foundation within a local church.

8. No church choirs.  Artists can be worship leaders at church, but must not perform at their church exclusively. 

9. Each artist is welcome to submit up to three songs for possible airplay.  Artist should also have the understanding that each song should fit within a time space of three to four minutes long.

10.  Each song submitted should have lyrics that reflect Christian values and fulfill the high standards we have for all of the music we play on Power 88.


Goforth Media and WBHY reserve the right to change or amend these requirements at any time.


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