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July 26, 2015

Give where you get your Blessings



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Franklin Graham is being accused of intolerance after suggesting that America should not let Muslims immigrate within its borders


Obama Spokesman Says that Government Will Not Stop Funding Planned Parenthood



Foley Church Under Investigation


Alabama Man Fired Over Confederate Flag


School District Fined $7,500 after Pastor Prays at Event

A Mississippi public school district has been fined $7,500 after a minister prayed during a district-wide honors assembly.


Christians Fooled by Fake News


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In some U.S. churches, guns are the answer to a prayer


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Power 88 is Radio with a Vision

Someone with a vision gave so you could hear.

Make your gift today so others can hear, too.




Weekend SpinDown for July 24th 2015


1. Flawless – Mercy Me

2. Touch the Sky – UNITED

3. Walk on Water – Family Force 5

FUTURE TRACK – You Are Loved – Stars Go Dim

4. That Was Then, This is Now – Josh Wilson

5. We Are Yours – I Am They

6. Sky Spills Over – Michael W. Smith

7. Beyond this World – Shonlock

8. Impossible – Building 429

9. Compass – Jonathan Thulin

10. Air I Breathe – Mat Kearney




Highlights from Letters to Power 88


I am a student and I often need encouragement when things aren't going well at school or home. When I need that encouragement I turn on the radio and listen to Power 88. This station has helped me in my walk with Christ. And it has brought be closer to my Christian friends. We often talk of our favorite songs on Power 88 and talk of how much this station means to us. This station has made a difference in my life and in the lives of my friends, and I am so thankful that this radio station is available for me and my friends to listen to! So thanks!


I just wanted to thank you for playing good Christian music. I first started listening to this station about a year ago. Before I started listening I had drifted away from God but now I am reading my Bible whenever I get a chance. Just a few weeks ago I joined our church youth group. I hope this station will continue to bless the Gulf Coast with good Christian music.


Tell us your story of how Christian Radio has touched your life. Write wbhy@goforth.org




Each day has only 24 hours, but what was the one day you wish never ended?

Get ready for a look INSIDE the studio this morning, as we launch our first "Periscope" social media broadcast during the morning show. Be ready to watch, download the Periscope app on your smart phone and follow us (Doug and Jaci).

Yard sales are a part of summer and today we'll talk about your most amazing yard and garage sale finds.

They say, "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree." Our question today, how much of you do you see in your kids?

Letting them know we love them, don't miss our "Love on your Kids Friday" Please call and tell us how amazing your kids are (800) 826-3637. PLUS we'll review the latest movies for "Family Friendly-ness"


Goforth Media WBHY/Power 88

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Why It’s Okay to Have Nice Things

If your heart is in the right place with God and you've worked hard to succeed, don't let anyone tell you not to enjoy God's blessings. Chris Brown explains more.




 Power Verses this week

Sat 7/25 Romans 5:6

Sun 7/26 Romans 5:7-8

Mon 7/27 Romans 5:11

Tue 7/28 Romans 5:16

Wed 7/29 Romans 5:17

Thu 7/30 Romans 5:21

Fri 7/31 Romans 6:13


Underwriters help support Christian Radio



If Christian radio has made a difference in your life and you don’t have a means of helping support the station financially, there are 2 important things you can still do: 1) Keep us in your prayers and 2) Support business underwriters. Thank them for supporting Christian radio and use their services when possible. Underwriters this week include:


Driven Engineering, Inc Owner Avalisha Fisher (Lisha) 8005 Morris Hill Dr Semmes AL 36575 Phone 251-649-4011


Faith Electric David Godwin 251-649-0901


Oliver Orthodontics Dr. Brian Oliver and Danielle Pugh 5901 Grelot Rd Mobile AL 251-639-0801


BMW of Mobile Chuck Hodges 3025 Government Blvd Mobile AL 36606 251-476-2550


It is easy to be an Underwriter on Power 88 contact

  todd@goforth.org or charlie@goforth.org




 POWER 88 brings the joy of Christ through contemporary Christian music to the gulf coast area.  This is a home mission work operated by Goforth Media, Inc. There is no foundation or church keeping this radio station on-the-air......just listeners who pray for and financially support it. To support this ministry click here or paste this link in your browser https://secure-q.net/donations/WBHY/1261


Give where you get your Blessings


Home town Christian Radio 88.5 FM/103.5 FM/840AM/960AM


Raising kids to communicate with wisdom and truth


One day as I walked past the den, I heard my daughter hollering at the computer screen. "Are you kidding me? She is such a liar!"

My daughter showed me a friend's Facebook page. They're members of a sports team and a third member was complaining about their coach. I couldn't believe how this little dispute escalated into a raging firestorm. How fitting that James should use fire as an analogy of how our words can rapidly spread, causing widespread damage. (James 3:5-6). And he didn't know how technology would one day allow our fiery speech to spread even more quickly!  read more


WBHY-AM 840 adds FM Translators and Power Increase



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