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March 1, 2015

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Atheist group threatens suit over 'angels' on memorial to beloved teacher


Retired pastor credits recovery from 6 brain tumors to his faith in God



American missionary kidnapped in Nigeri


220 Assyrian Christians kidnapped from villages 


House Churches Growing, New Church Construction Hits All-Time Low

NC Pastor Killed in Tragic Freak Accident While Serving Poor


Kurdish, Christian forces battle ISIS as fate of 150 reported hostages unclear

Gov Scott Walker Speaks at National Religious Broadcasters


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When a person or donor makes an investment in this ministry, they are participating in the encouragement of the listeners and in the winning of the lost to Christ.  When this happens they share in the rewards. Our rewards are not of this world but are in the New World that is to come.  Thanks for your support.


Weekend SpinDown for February 27th 2015


1. In Jesus Name - Kutless

2. Drops in the Ocean – Hawk Nelson

3. He Knows – Jeremy Camp

FUTURE TRACK – Compass – Jonathan Thulin

4. Beyond Me - tobyMac

5. Day One – Matthew West

6. You’re Not Alone – Owl City feat. Britt Nicole

7. Messengers – LeCrae feat. For King & Country

8. Fighter – Jamie Grace

9. Show Love – Family Force 5

10. Lord, I’m Ready Now - Plumb





Highlights from Letters to Power 88


  • I was raised in church and then got away from it for several years. I started listening to your radio station and learned that Christian Music doesn't have to be boring and put you to sleep. Now your station is the only one that I listen to. And Praise God that I have returned to Church and redacted my life for Christ and have been called into a ministry. You are such a blessing to me I just don't know how to tell you thank enough. May God Bless you everyday and kept you going.


  • "Thank you for bringing Southern Gospel back! Hope you'll keep it Southern Gospel!" (WLPR 960-AM)



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 Power Verses this week

Sat 2/28 Hebrews 2:10

Sun 3/1 Hebrews 2:11-12

Mon 3/2 Hebrews 2:14-15

Tue 3/3 Hebrews 2:17

Wed 3/4 Hebrews 2:18

Thu 3/5 Hebrews 3:12

Fri 3/6  Hebrews 3:13


This Week With Doug and Jaci  5-9AM on Power 88


In honor of Jaci's role in the latest Veggie Tales DVD "Noah
s Ark" we’re giving away copies with Bob & Larry from Veggie Tales as we play the new game: "Pick a Veggie - Win a Prize" with Bob & Larry from Veggie Tales. (7:10 & 8:10 am/central)

Excited to have special guest carried forward from Monday...Larry the Cucumber. We'll talk about the new Veggie Tales "Noah
s Ark" and play more rounds of "Pick a Veggie & Win a Prize." The kids will love it.  (7-9am/central)

Today we want to hear about your favorite kids book growing up, or what you enjoy reading to your kids today.

Etiquette Coach Denise Marcia offers some helpful tips about what do to when you come across something you can't swallow...how do you remove the food? (5:25am / 7:25 am / 8:25 am)

Love On Your Kids Friday - call in and let your kids know how much you love them. Valentine's weekend will also start with special stories from artists, Laura Story and Mark Hall of casting Crowns


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If Christian radio has made a difference in your life and you don’t have a means of helping support the station financially, there are 2 important things you can still do: 1) Keep us in your prayers and 2) Support business underwriters. Thank them for supporting Christian radio and use their services when possible. Underwriters this week include:


James Roberts  Attorney at Law 9794 Timber Circle Ste A Daphne AL 36526 251-626-3499


Deas Millworks Att: June Potter Office Mgr 3180 Snow Road N Semmes AL 36575 251-478-1060


Gulf Shores Rentals John Boller 821 Gulf Shores Pkwy Gulf Shores AL 251-948-7000


Safety Guidance Specialists Laura Williams  10945 HWY 43 Axis AL 36505 251-442-0015


Driven Engineering, Inc Owner Avalisha Fisher (Lisha) 8005 Morris Hill Dr Semmes AL 36575 Tel 251-649-4011


It is easy to be an Underwriter on Power 88 contact

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 POWER 88 brings the joy of Christ through contemporary Christian music to the gulf coast area.  This is a home mission work operated by Goforth Media, Inc. There is no foundation or church keeping this radio station on-the-air......just listeners who pray for and financially support it. To support this ministry click here or paste this link in your browser https://secure-q.net/donations/WBHY/1261


Give where you get your Blessings


Home town Christian Radio 88.5 FM/103.5 FM/840AM/960AM


Kevin Leman: How birth order affects your marriage


More than a week ago I told Sande, my lovely bride of more than 40 years, that a TV crew was coming to our home in a week to tape an interview with me. I ought to have known better. As soon as I told Sande someone was coming to our house, she went into overdrive, thinking, What am I going to serve them? Then she caught sight of a miniscule dirt smudge on the windows. Oh, no, they're a mess!

To Sande, a kitchen is only truly clean when all surfaces are wiped off and the toaster is put away. My thinking: Why put away a toaster when you're going to use it again? So why do Sande and I see things so differently? Part of the reason is our birth order – our place in our family of origin. I'm the youngest child in my family, and Sande is the oldest in hers. read more


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Radio: the most effective mission tool known to man!

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